Blink—stands for Black and pink—is obviously a tribute to the up and coming girlband from South Korea: Blackpink. Using one of the newest addition in GMK’s alpha collection, this keycap set incorporate Hangul as the sub-legends, a homage to the girlband’s origin.

Several legends, like Caps Lock and Tab, are planned to be rehauled to make it more cohesive with the overall looks.

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Genuine Cherry

Made in Germany
Double Shot ABS

Anti-fading legends
Cherry Profile

Sculpted 1-1-2-3-4-4
New Legends
Brand new looks

Offered Kits

This keyset will be offered in classic GMK-style. Which means there will only 1 big base kit with novelties kit as an additional kit.
However, I won’t close my ear for another additional kits like Ergodox and 40s if the demand is real.

Base Kit

The All-in-One kit. Hopefully can cover most of any standard staggered keyboard in most standard size out there.


A thematic touch to liven you keyboard—consisting of things to channel your inner BLINKS

Black Kit

An all-black kit in full compatibility. Give your keyboard that edgy monotone looks.

Space Kit

An extra spaces for extended keyboards and different looks.


These images are made to give a more proper visual interpretation of the sets when mounted on a keyboard. Be aware that color might slightly different from renders, but we will try our best to match it.

Product Expansion


When & Where

Group Buy will launch on May 2020 at TheKey.Company 

Current Status 

Group Buy is open until June 15th 2020 🖤💖

Technical Specification

GMK electronic design GmbH

ABS plastic

Double Shot

Cherry Profile

Black – GMK CR
Pink – Pantone 1765 C



︎ Updated the Hangul to Mono-Hangul
︎ Updated the modifier to Text-only
︎ Removing Assembly Kit due to low interest
︎ Adding Black Kit (black modifier)

︎ Posting IC in GH