GMK Mondrian

In 2015, Jack Humbert made a non-staggered keyboard a thing in mechanical keyboard community by founding OLKB—a company that produce only ortholinear keyboard—with Planck as its first product. Being ortholinear, fully programmable, and only as big as your Note, Planck was made anybody’s head turn.

Attempting to cover the almost-infinite layout of Planck with high quality keycaps, I came up with some stupid idea: How about we make a blank GMK keycaps? So nobody will ask why their R2 Alt key isn’t supported. But a total blank key will look rather bland sometimes, so fused with my fondness of Piet Mondrian (and his natural, grid-y form of his artwork) I put some colored accent keys to spice things up and let people decide what their keyboard will looks like.

The Outcome

No less than 150 kits were succesfully ordered and now sitting in various ortholinear (and even staggered) keyboard. And of course, no keyboard looks really the same each other. 

What’s next?

After a year of the concluded Group Buy, I still randomly asked wether I have more of Mondrian in my stash for them to buy. And of course the answer is no.

So is it time for Round 2?

Round 2

I’m quite happy with the kits on Round 1, so nothing will be changed in the Base Kit. That’s right, I said Base Kit because now I want to add another kit: Stagger Mod and Dox Mod! 

But before we start it, let’s make a poll should I really run the Round 2? And also, are you interested in the additional kit?