Sanctuary Rebirth

Inspired by one of the most memorable video games ever created—Diablo II, this keyset brings back the despair once acknowledged by the mechanical keyboard community. Many more kits have been added compared to the original run to make sure you can mount this set to any keyboard you have.

Cherry Profile

Sculpted 1-1-2-3-4-4 in Cherry profile
PBT Plastic

Takes a lot longer time to shine compared to ABS
All–over Dyesub

5-side dye sublimation for brighter legends
Custom Font

Using the original Exocet typeface

Updated Kits

The kit offered is updated due to manufacturing issues, now Sanctuary Rebirth will be offered in GMK–Style: One kit for all. This kit will cover the majority of popular layouts such as Full Size, TKL, 60%, WKL, HHKB, 1800/96, Split Space, and even stand-alone Numpad like FC210M. The novelties will be included in this kit too to make things less complicated.

Update: 40s and a bit Ortho is supported too now.

Deceased Support

︎ NorDe 
︎ Colemak / Dvorak
︎ Ergodox–like keyboard (which use 1.5u mods)


These images are made to give a more proper visual interpretation of the sets when mounted on a keyboard. Be aware that almost all of the aspects of the visual renders are not guaranteed to be the exact same as the actual product.

Product Expansion

What is better than having a new theme on your keyboard? A whole new theme for your desk. Deskmat, cable, artisans, wallpaper, and maybe T-shirt. Pray to your Lord for all of them to happen. 

"I live, but I am more than I once was."

When & Where

Group Buy open until October 18th on these following vendors:

US ︎ TheKey.Company
EU ︎ Candy Keys (soon)
Asia ︎ zFrontier (soon)

Discuss this set on GeekHack or Keebtalk

Current Status 

Group Buy open at TheKey.Company

Another proxies will open on the following few days

Technical Specification


PBT plastic

All-over dye sublimation print

Cherry Profile

Exocet OT Medium
Exocet OT Bold

Black – Pantone 426 C
Red – Pantone 7597 C



︎ Group Buy launched on TK.C

︎ Adding ISO & 40s (they’re back!) to the kit

︎ Rehauled the kits into one big kit (GMK–Style) due to manufacturer.

︎ Changed Ergodox Kit legend to pseudo-blank by using Diablo 2’s rune name.
︎ Updated Thul Io Nef Kit to reflect Ergodox Kit changes.
︎ Updated Google Form to reflect the changes above.
︎ Added Technical Specification section.

︎ Added Changelog.